SoozMusic is an Independent Agency that specializes in Alternative Representation, Bookings, Festival Production/Management, Event & Wedding Co-ordinating and Connecting! SoozMusic also offers consultations to up and coming bands on how to get ahead in this business. 

Sooz was born in Greece to English parents. She grew up traveling the world and has now lived in California for longer than anywhere else.

After years of living in different parts of Northern California and raising 3 kids along the way, she landed in a rural village north of San Francisco. As a single mum in need of work, she started booking and later running a small country pub, creating a thriving music scene in the area. SoozMusic began in order to liaise between musicians, clients and venues for bookings, management and consulting.

Soozmusic has booked various venues including Ace-in-the-Hole, Aubergine, Last Day Saloon and Summer Nights Street Faire. For a number of years Sooz produced & Managed Goddess Grove at Harmony Festival, and was intricately involved with Earthdance & Reverbia (Burning Man). Sooz currently works with Wanderlust, Symbiosis, Gem & Jam, Joshua Tree, GuitarFish and Envision Festivals.

Representation, Booking, Weddings, Events, Festivals, Promoting, Managing, Band Design & Consulting – se habla Español!

May your world be filled with love, peace, joy, health, prosperity and good music!

Susan aka Sooz

* * * * * *

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